I can’t pay all my bills now.  How in the world do I come up with the money to pay an attorney?  That’s a great question.  One answer is to stop paying on all the debts that you are going to get rid of by filing Bankruptcy.

Other Ways to come up with money to hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer:

  1.  Get an advance on your pay from your employer.
  2.  Cut out or cut down on unnecessary monthly expenses.
  3.  Get a roommate to bring in additional money.
  4. Rent out a room.
  5. Sell something.
  6. Have someone move in with you, who can help pay your monthly expenses, so you can save some money.
  7. Move in with someone else and stay long enough to save up the money.
  8. Have your non-working spouse get a temporary job.
  9. Get a temporary second job yourself.
  10. Get more hours at work ( overtime)
  11. Use tax refund.
  12. Gifts from Family and Friends
  13. Giving up the house?  Stop paying the mortgage payments, and use that money to file your case.
  14. Stop paying debts that you can get rid of in the bankruptcy.

          So you see there are many different ways to come up with extra money and with Bankruptcy being relatively inexpensive compared with the amount of debt you may be able to get rid of, it is well worth a few sacrifices on your part in order to be able to get your case filed.  If you would like for us to look at your financial situation, please give us a call.  We will get back with you.

David Phillips